Cypress Acupuncture is focused on treating each patient individually, providing the highest quality care and working to achieve and maintain each patient’s optimum level of health. But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself what our patients have to say – and know that we are happy to provide you with references.

“Mike is a pro. His blend of acupuncture, deep tissue massage, and Eastern medicine has helped uncover important areas of therapy and focus for me. If you are looking for someone who really cares about creating positive outcomes for his clients, someone with experience and knowledge, Mike is your guy.” — V.M. Del Mar, CA
“When I first went to Mike, I was suffering from a pinched nerve, had pain in my back and right hand and a loss of motion in my neck. My active, athletic lifestyle and overall quality of life had been dramatically affected. Mike took the time to really understand what was going on with my body, to understand my lifestyle, exercise habits and goals. Mike is more than an acupuncturist and massage therapist. He is a true holistic health professional dedicated to helping you become as healthy and active as you can possibly be. In addition to the acupuncture and massage therapy, Mike has given me great advice, stretching exercises and encouragement. He helped to rid me of pain and improve my range of motion. Thanks to Mike, I have resumed all my previous activities and am living a pain-free, active lifestyle again.” — M.K. Del Mar, CA
“For someone who doesn’t like needles, Michael made me feel at ease immediately. He assessed my low-energy issues, and I felt noticeably better even after my first session. Things in my body that I didn’t realize were out of balance, such as my digestion, also improved. I have seen accelerations in my progress athletically and improvements in my energy levels throughout the day. I would certainly recommend Michael to anyone looking to improve a specific condition or their overall well-being.” — J.V. San Diego, CA
“I want to thank Michael very much for the fantastic treatment I’ve received. I’ve been dealing with anxiety, PTSD, and constant back pain as a result of my service in the Army. I’ll be honest, I was skeptical at first, but after my first treatment I knew I’d made the right decision. You have a customer for life. Now I can’t wait for my treatments!” — T.M. Escondido, CA
“After my right hand and arm went tingly and numb, I was recommended to Cypress Acupuncture for treatment. I was hesitant about the needles, but Michael reassured me that I wouldn’t feel a thing. After a couple of treatments, my hand and arm felt fine. He also treated my neck and shoulders with the same positive result. Since then, my maintenance program of massage, stretching and exercise has kept me feeling fine.” — M.M. Oceanside, CA
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