Foam Roller under ankles to support alignment exercises; back pain; hip pain; leg pain; pain reliefExercise Therapy

Your level of health and wellness depend on you. We can provide top-notch acupuncture and herbal formulas customized to your needs, but ultimately it is your commitment to understanding, strengthening and treating yourself and your body well – from the inside out – that will change your life.

What’s different about the Cypress Acupuncture approach? We’ll guide you in the process of gaining a deeper understanding of your body and provide the exercise instruction and personal attention you’ll need to correct posture and alignment issues. These highly effective alignment correction exercises minimize long-term degeneration, reduce pain and allow you a new level of everyday vitality and performance.

Whether you want to run longer distances or just stop that nagging kink in your neck the fact is we are all aging. Degeneration is happening to all of us after we hit 30 years old.  If you realign your body now and are empowered to avoid posture pitfalls in the future, you will age with less degeneration, less pain, better performance and more happiness.

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