Book Your Appointments Online!

Cypress Acupuncture has launched a new booking system that allows you to schedule your appointments via the Internet.

From just click on the green “Book Appointment” button and follow the simple instructions.

When your appointment is confirmed you’ll also be able to provide background and status updates via our secure patient portal.

Of course, if you prefer you are always welcome to just call or email to request an appointment.

I like to run and I made the transition to “mid-foot” running about a year ago.  Often when I mention mid-foot running in conversation somebody asks,  “oh do you wear those crazy shoes with the individual toes”?  For the record I don’t wear the toe shoes but I do wear minimalist shoes that fit my […]

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If you are starting a resolution of more exercise, congratulations! But please make sure you are not pushing through pain. The phrase “no pain – no gain” is a set up for potentially long stint of rehabilitation or worse. Pain is your nervous system asking you to address something that’s vulnerable, injured and/or out of […]

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Given all of the wet weather we’ve had this year in San Diego the local flora is bursting with pollen and the wind is blowing it everywhere.   The pharmaceuticals designed to reduce your allergy symptoms may or may not help and the side affects are sometimes worse than the symptoms. Airborne allergy symptoms include: recurrent […]

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Summer means more time outside and in the water engaging in sports. Whether you consider yourself an athlete or not you are more likely to ask more of your shoulders in the summer time. Your shoulder joint can take it – if your body is prepared.  Shoulder pain is the third most common cause of […]

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