At Cypress Acupuncture we hold to three core beliefs.

  1. Your body is unique.
    We’ll treat it that way. Each person’s body is truly one-of-a-kind, with different needs, different challenges. We see it as our job to understand, assess and treat each of our patients individually.
  2. Our goal is your wellness.
    In our view, simply treating symptoms is not treating a patient well. Wellness means healing your issue at the foundational level, to the degree that you can be healed. Keeping your body in balance, nourished, fit and free of disease is the ultimate goal. Where full recovery isn’t an option, we will be honest with you – and work with you to manage your condition to maximize your quality of life. We believe the true goal of any health practitioner should be health: Improving and / or maintaining a person’s fitness, nutrition and vitality for a happier more active life.
  3. Your healthcare is your business.
    At Cypress Acupuncture, your privacy is always respected. Just as your treatments are assuredly conducted in a quiet, peaceful private suite, your consultations and treatments are likewise kept strictly confidential. We adhere to HIPAA guidelines and maintain the highest standards of privacy.